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Looking to rent Paddle Boards in Delray?

What kind of boards? We carry N2 Sup Boards in our rental fleet!  Perfect for any size and weight! Where do we SUP?  We have  locations that we can drop you in at: 1. The Ocean off Atlantic and A1A.  2. The ICW (Knowles Park, Boynton Inlet). 3. Lake Ida Park  4. we Deliver or you can pick up and take the boards to your choice location! Call us for any additional Details!  To guarantee rentals call ahead of time to book! We are here to help you have a fun Sup experience!  

Pick up ~ Mora Girls Surf Boutique ~ @ The Drop IN

New Mora girls added this week!!!  come in and check out all the new apparel. 10849821_767328369982807_2579770104168325597_n12247031_920264111355898_117081696418015779_n

Drop into The Drop In and pick up your St Patricks Day Gear!

Drop in and get your Green at The Drop In Surf Shop!  310 NE 4th St Delray Beach Fl 33444 unnamed-312813908_928728117245532_5088330748127118311_n

Looking for something new to do when you rent your paddle board?

Here is something fun to do!    Take your rental and your fishing poles and enjoy the water in more then one way! rental options  

Buying Local

A great read on buying your stand up Paddleboards and keeping it "local".    

Happy Holidays Delray Beach!

Happy Holidays from The Drop In Surf Shop! Remember your surf etiquette as you share South End with all the others on break! surf_etiquette


We are PUMPED to announce the new shop, The Drop In! We still have The Salt Fly for all rentals including the addition of surfboards, skimboards, handboards, boogie boards and more to come! Come Drop In and say Hey! We are still at 310 NE 4th St, Delray Beach next to Capt. Clay's Fish Market and Fit Food! Logo_Final Drop In North 2 Sessions 8.6 The-Salt-Fly FullSizeRender

Summer in Delray 2015, Get out on the water and PADDLE! & Party down with us 7/17 at the Surf History Museum Parking lot Party!

Well the summer has moved in again here in Delray Beach, FL. I love summer because it is a time for relaxation and fun with friends and family. There is no better place to enjoy the summer than here in Delray and surrounding South Florida! The water is bathtub warm and normally clear due to the winds that lesson a bit and become more calm. Morning paddles are incredible this time of year, and you may even run into a school of Atlantic Spotted Dolphins along our coast. Join us and other local surf businesses at the Delray Surf History Museum on 7/17/15 for a killer parking lot party! Only $10 to get in on the fun. We will see you there -The Salt Fly-

North 2 Boards Demo Day (6-22-15)

"We had a great turn out at our impromptu beach demo day. It was a blazing sunny day and super fun at North 2 Delray Beach. We had some first-timers who had a blast and are already hooked on stand up paddling after stopping by to demo one of the North 2 Boards. Thanks to all who made it out, and we will be doing another one real soon! If you'd like to know the next time we will be doing a demo day please email us your contact info to" -North 2 Board Sports

Summer 2015 in South Florida! Get out and Paddle

Summer in South Florida brings us bathtub warm water, and calm conditions which are great for getting out on your stand up paddleboard and exploring all the amazing waterways we have! From Key West to Jupiter, there are so many places to SUP. See you out there on the water!

2015 Key West Paddle Classic This past weekend, May 2nd 2015, the annual Key West Paddle Classic had another great showing of over 300 stand up paddlers and watercraft paddlers from all around the country. North 2 was in attendance. Ryan Pena, Will Vacha, and Conrad Charles all did well in the "SUP Surf" class. Ryan paddled a Sessions 10 and took 1st place in his age group as well as a podium appearance with 4th overall at 2:51, Will was on a 9.4 Gulfstream and took 2nd in age group on the smallest board in the entire event!, as well as Conrad with a strong finish riding the Cardiff 10. The 12 mile race around the entire island was one heck of a grueling race that took on average 3 hours of hard endless paddling to complete. All team North 2 riders were on sub 12' boards, smallest of the entire race, and is a feat in and of itself! Way to go team North 2! see you next year Key West, and special thanks to Lazy Dog Paddle boards of Key West for organizing such an amazing event. IMG_4413

2-12-15 Surfs Up in Delray Beach, FL!

Well over the past few days we have been blessed by the surf gods down here in beautiful Delray Beach, South Florida, USA! Some over head sets were blasting through making for some epic days! Still a little left out there so get out there and have some fun. -The Salt Fly-  

North 2 Paddleboards “Sessions” 7.10 Review

Pre winter swell moves into the Palm Beaches 12-8-14

Well the surf gods have come through bringing some good swell into the area. It should fill in nicely and get bigger tomorrow  into Wednesday looks like. Will and I had a blast hitting Lantana break earlier in the day with some nice walls setting up, then back at North 2 for an afternoon sesh.  They are calling for big 9'+ surf tomorrow at some breaks and cooler air temps. Got to love it! -The Salt Fly

Remember the Jellyies this time of year!!

With all the strong on-shore East winds this time of year, inevitably this helps to contribute to increased numbers of stinging jellyfish off our beaches being blown in close to shore.  It seems the more common "moon jellies" don't pose much of a stinging risk, but the nasty little Portuguese man o' war can deliver a truly painful sting.  I was unlucky enough to find this out yesterday. I was out doing my normal daily paddle off  of Delray's public beach around 5pm just after leaving the shop.  The wind had backed-off a tad and I was seriously jonesing to get some water therapy in.  As I began my session I couldn't help buy notice the indigo blue mini "sails" off  the man o' war here and there.  Never good when they are thick, but up to this point I have never had a bad encounter with one, although I have heard from other people who have. If the man o' war are around you can't miss them. Their blue sails sit about 3-4" above the waterline, and almost look like a blown-up piece of blue bubblegum . Normally what you don't see are the long stinging tentacles (sometimes yards long) that trail underneath the jelly. I caught a crumbler wave with my 10' North 2 SUP and fell off towards the end of the wave, as it crumbled sideways on it self. I came up out of the water on the side of my board and felt something on my left ear and cheek.  Almost immediately I felt a slight stinging sensation.  I reached up and felt the gooey tentacles still attached to my ear a bit. I dipped my head back underwater while scrapping away what was left on my face. As I exited the water and started towards the beach shower the sting started setting in, but still not bad. It really kicked in good once I began washing it off with the cool fresh water out of the beach shower.  Knowing what I do now, after some research on the subject, it is best to not use cool or cold water to wash off the remnants of the jelly since the change in water temp helps set off the stinging cells in the tentacles.  Also a change in PH from salt to fresh can do the same without heat. By the time I got to my truck my ear and side of my face was kicking! Just under unbearable.  I raced home and reached for the vinegar and doused my face with real diminishing in pain.  Of course I jumped on the computer and looked for at-home remedies, another said shaving cream...tried this and it actually helped a bit, but my saving grace was HOT, as HOT as you can stand shower water.  It seems the hot water turns off, or at least helps to deactivate the stinging proteins.  After hitting that hot water almost immediately the pain went way down, and after about an hour to an hour and half (and two beers and Advil later) it was over, and like nothing had ever happened. So if you can get to a hot water source after a encounter with one of these little suckers, try and get to it quick! So HOT water, beer, and that order! See you on the water! -The Salt Fly    

Remember Your Surf Etiquette

I just returned from visiting family out in my homeland, North County San Diego, and was lucky enough to get some great days in SUP surfing. Thanks again to Riviera Paddlesurf for letting me snag a couple of their great SUPs to use while I was out there for the week. Had a great time using the 9'2" Nugg Turbo, and the 8' Nugget. I hit Beacons surf break in Leucadia, which happens to be blocks from my sister Rene's house. I am always a little leery about how harmonious the lineup will be as I paddle close on my SUP.  We all know how rad SUP surfing is, as with a lot of us who came from traditional "prone" surfing background, as we master our SUP skills are wave count goes way up and so does our stoke...that is if we are doing it right.  I didn't run into animosity out in the water from other prone surfers and it was all cheers and smiles.  It seems as though the traditional surf and SUP communities tension in the lineup is beginning to lesson a bit, but we still have a little ways to go. And like everything else it only takes one or two a-holes to give everyone in one particular group a bad rap.  It's important to remember, just because you can catch every wave doesn't mean you should.  It is also important to remember those around you surfing, and that if you have not yet mastered SUP surf board control completely, you shouldn't be out there in a semi to crowded lineup "wingin' it." Maybe you or someone around you may catch a mouthful of standup board to the teeth or can be dangerous not matter what surf craft you're using.  It's always best to practice and hone your skills way away from other people until you ready to safely enter a lineup. For me personally, one of the great things about stand up is that you can get away from the crowd, and go and find your own peak all to yourself...I would rather have the peak to myself, rather than jockeying to get the best wave in a crowded lineup.  SUP boards make mobility in the surf-zone easy for a skilled paddler. I am very glad to see the surf community as a whole begin to be more excepting of SUP in the lineup, because you know it's here to stay and the sport is getting better and bigger every year.   More and more friends and family I know, who have traditionally surfed their whole lives, are getting into SUP and getting stoked on it! So let's all progress the sport together and keep the smiles wide all around! In case you're interested in basic surf etiquette, weather on a surf board, SUP surf board, boogie board, or piece of driftwood...take a look below for the basics, and educate yourself and remember sharing is caring 🙂 -The Salt Fly surf_etiquette

Florida Keys SUP “Buggin”

This past weekend we got down to Islamorda, FL for a little R/R. Being Florida Spiny Lobster season, we went hunting "Bugs" as well. Larger paddleboards make excellent platforms to free dive from and hunt lobster. I have caught a ton of Lobster free diving from my SUP which makes for a fun experience and no gasoline required! Making a anchor for your paddle board is easy too. A flat weight, purchased at say Wally world for about $8-10, will do the trick. I like a weight anywhere from 8-10lbs. Simple attach some good nylon rope  about 20' and your done.  I usually attach the anchor to the leash string.  Get a cargo net (either suction, or deck rigged) and you're good to go! Fins, snorkel mask and snorkel, lobster net, "tickle stick", dive flag, lobster storage net, and some lobster gloves (regular garden gloves will do), a PFD (If in the keys, or "navigable water ways") is required to have with you as well. Super fun! And the dinner, if you're lucky enough to bag some bugs, makes the whole deal even sweeter!  

7-25-14 Sunset Group Paddle, Lake Boca

Great times on our sunset group paddleboard paddle from the north end of Lake Wyman to Lake Boca and back last night. We did approximate 3.9 miles. Awesome sunset as we made it into Lake Boca. I will post again next time we get together for another one sometime soon! Thanks to those who came out.

Night SUP!

Well we have been playing around with some under-board high intensity waterproof LED light bars. We sourced these through one of our overseas suppliers. These are made specifically for Stand up Paddleboards and are RAD as hell! Here are the specs from our supplier: 1) Two waterproof white LED light bars with water resistance cable (each contents 57pcs of LED bulbs, length: 1m ) 2) Black color aluminum alloy LED bar holder which is durable and light (length: 1m) 3) One 12V, 4500mah rechargeable lithium-ion battery (use around 3hrs for two light bars), water resistance battery box will keep the battery dry. 4) One battery charger (in:100~240V / out:120V) 5) One adjustable system simply adjustable the size to fit different objects 6) Light bag with shoulder leash and battery bag. I have been testing these out lately since we have had some good calm and clear water at night. They do slow the board down somewhat because they protrude off the bottom of the SUP a bit.  But when I am using these on my paddleboard I am not concerned about speed, since I am looking at all the cool sea life that swarms under my board. It's more of a cruise around and check out all the life that comes out at night. Last night I went out with some friends up at Peanut Island, West Palm Beach for a full moon paddle.  We lucked out and high tide, bringing all the crystal clear water into the inlet, was just about the same time as sunset.  We brought along snorkel masks and was surprised about how easy it was to snorkel at night with these lights. So cool!! Can't wait to take them to the keys!  Right now we are selling these for $265 +tax, and lead time for order is approximately one week-10 days.  If we order these in bulk in the future we will try for a "cheaper" price for our customers.  

March 2014 Fun with The Salt Fly & North 2

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